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Posted on: May 12, 2009 6:17 pm

Hey Wake Up Tennessee Fans, Horde of Fools

If you are a Tennessee fan and agree with me, then I salute you, but the rest of you are beyond empathy.

They duct-taped her mouth, tortured, and raped her. She is Daniel Hood’s first cousin, the victim of the kidnapping, torture, and rape. She gave a lengthy and detailed report of what these young thugs did to her, yet she is not so important now. No, a kids’ game played by grown men is more important to many than her rights as a human.

I really don’t understand what goes on there in the buck-toothed hillbilly redneck land called Tennessee, but the aptly named, Daniel Hood, not only is not in a Tennessee prison for his violent perverted crimes, but he is now your next big hero for the state of Tennessee. Your Al Davis progeny and resident retard, Lane Kiffin, has welcomed this scum with open arms and you all are elated that this perverted little monster is so deserving of a football scholarship from your joke of a college.

You inbred social rejects really want your daughters going to school with this sicko? Is this the level of class we should now assume of ALL of you? Are these the sociopaths that you venerate as the types of individuals you hope your sons will become? A brave new college sports world we have here indeed.

I have in the past pulled for SEC teams in out of conference games, but now that you have chosen to support vicious criminals, so your football team will succeed, I hope you fail. I want to see your team and entire football program and fan base embarrassed and shamed. 

We, the Florida Gators Nation, are going to kick the living crap out of you in football this year, as well as in life. Your hero Lane Kiffen will make a complete sass out of himself and ALL of you fools. So keep on making excuses and supporting this loser. I thought the Biscuit Eater was embarrassment enough for you silly people, but Tennessee Nation has found a way to make themselves look even worse than ever. What new low will you idiots stoop to next? Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth whenever I hear mention of Tennessee football.

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